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    Altr - The Best Home-based Business In 2019

    When you have your own rewarding Altr business you can decide to do this part-time or full-time, it's all up to you.

    You'll be working with some of the top global leaders in the world of leadership, personal development, life-improvement, business, health, parenting, the law of attraction and much more; in short, the best of the best when it comes to transformation in any aspect of life.

    You'll work from home using your mobile and computer using a proven process to create your success with the support of an amazing team.

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    Altr your life with world-Class transformation products & services

    We spent three years meeting 883 of the top leaders in transformation to give you the best products and services to altr your health, business, emotions, relationships, career, finances, finding your purpose, getting unstuck, and leadership to name a few.

    Whatever aspect of life you want to improve, Altr can help.

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    Here are some of the teachers who are providing world-class transformational products on altr

    Joy Kingsborough & Meaghan Alton

    In Joy's and Meaghan's Unstuck, you will learn the 4 step process to clear away the fog, tap into massive momentum, and move from Stuck to Unstoppable. This process will create powerful flow, streamline your energy, and results will begin to show up sooner than you can possibly imagine. 


    You can use this process to support you to get Unstuck with the following key areas of your life: Wealth, Business, Health, Relationship, Purpose, and Lifestyle. 

    -> Stop setting the same goal over and over again, and actually create results that matter
    -> Discover the key aspects of yourself that will support your success as you achieve your goals and desires. Hint: You don't have to BE anyone else ... you get to OWN the truest version of you!
    -> Unlock the key to aligning your purpose with your desires, and watch synchronicity and positive feedback flourish.

    -> Develop the simple daily habit that is the key to clarifying exactly what action to take, setting your momentum on fire, and drawing your results to you faster than you can imagine.

    John Sullivan

    John teaches a 3-Step Process to help couples achieve the relationships of their dreams. 


    Here's what John says:


    "This is not just theory for me, it is very personal. 28 years ago, my wife and I separated after 15 years of marriage. It was over. At that time we were introduced to the same 3 Step Process I teach now, and here we are celebrating our 43 anniversary this year." 

    I teach a three step process to help couples create the kind of relationship they truly want. It works for couples preparing to get married, for those who feel stuck in their relationship and for those in a second or third partnership. 

    It can work for you, as well. The three step process begins with what I think is the key to the whole deal, which is step one - SAFETY. Then, just as all sports use systems and teach skills, the second step is the IMAGO SYSTEM. Finally, step number three teaches the four basic SKILSS that couples need to learn in order to create their dream relationship. 



    "After leaving my very toxic corporate career in the fall of 2018 I launched a boutique business consulting firm helping entrepreneurs and sales advisors to create a heart-centered approach to business. I knew that there was still something more for me in the greater scheme, but I trusted the universe and the timing of the progress. In December 2018, my asking was delivered in ALTR. A platform that offers a wealth of knowledge and support in so many avenues of personal development and it changed my life.

    - Ashley Hammer


    "Right from the start, my experience has been incredible. The vision of Altr aligned perfectly with my own goals and direction. It was easy to see how Altr would fit into my life, and because of that I have experienced massive momentum right from the beginning. The education and support I have received has been invaluable in getting my Altr business and team up and running. I am beyond excited to see the global impact we can make together."

    -Ian Atkinson

    "I am very excited about the Altr opportunity! I initially signed up for Altr to increase my knowledge in network marketing and because I have always been drawn to and have had a passion for the self improvement industry. Going through the Altr training series got me excited about taking on this adventure as their mission of educating and inspiring others are directly in correlation with my own goals. I'm looking forward to seeing the change we can all make together!"

    -Stacy Nevill

    "I joined Altr with an excitement that it aligned with so much of what I'm already doing. I'm so passionate about bringing value to people's lives and Altr gives me a much bigger platform, more resources, support and the personal growth and development that I'm after for myself. I know I'm meant to influence people and help and this allows me to do it in a way that I couldn't say no to."

    -Danielle Libby

    "Altr is an exciting and educational network of various self growth opportunities accessible right at our finger tips. I believe the leadership and guidance this company will offer through advisors, will create a strong community across the world, in self growth, knowledge and confidence building for any and all personal, business and financial interests in all and every home and business out there!"

    -Brandy Graham

    "I am very excited to be apart of the Altr team in making a difference in helping others to achieve personal transformation. I have been on my own journey of self discovery for the past 15 years. I have had a vision of supporting people and to make a difference in the world. Altr offers coaching and programs I feel a personal connection to. I believe in Altr's values and vision."

    -Donna Fitzgerald

    "I am beyond excited to have joined Altr! The enrollment process is quick and easy, and it's been great to have very informative training videos to help us be able to quickly grow our Altr business. Patrick, and everyone else I've encountered so far, have been so friendly and helpful with any questions that come up. It already feels like a family - all working towards the common goal of making life better!"

    -Amanda McNair

    "The opportunity to improve myself as a mother, a friend, a small business owner and as a person is a huge driving force. But my biggest reason for joining Altr is the opportunity to help other people change their lives. Iím excited to be apart of something bigger than myself and make a positive impact in the lives of those around me.Thanks heaps."

    -Renee Ibbertson

    Discover A Career That Will Give You Freedom, Purpose, Meaning & The Income You Deserve.


    When you become an Altr Advisor you'll get the understanding, skills, training and coaching to have a rewarding career all from the comfort of your home.




    Your job is to make life better for our clients by providing them with world-class transformation products and services.


    One of the main activities you would be doing as an Altr Advisor is to share great value with people for example; engaging articles, videos, TV-shows and quizzes on topics that cover the main areas of life that people are interested in. We call this social marketing, and you can do this from your computer or mobile.


    A big part of your Altr Advisor career that will give you freedom is the opportunity to build your own team of Altr Advisors using our mentors, training, skills development and coaching resources. As your team grows and you earn money, this residual income will give you more time freedom as your earning potential is not dependent only on your own efforts but on your whole team's effort.


    The more you decide to get educated within Altr, the more you share about Altr and the more you introduce others to be part of Altr, the more you will be compensated.


    Book a free Altr Session with one of our qualified Altr Advisors. Your Altr Advisor will take you through a powerful 60-minute experience that gets you to clarify what you want and precisely identify what is holding you back from creating the change you want. You'll walk away with a clear roadmap of what you need to do to have the transformation you want.


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